Freedman Seating Company


Freedman Seating, not just seats, seating solutions.

  • Priority Seating Vinyl

    Meet the needs of all passengers.

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  • Sanitized™ Grab Rails

    Freedman Seating is excited to announce our exclusive partnership with SANITIZED AG to offer grab rails utilizing Sanitized™ technology for the transportation industry.  Sanitized™ technology inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, and fungi on treated products.

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  • Freedman 2nd Skins slip covers

    Refresh your existing Freedman seats while saving time, money and labor. 2nd Skins slip covers are designed to fit the profile and contours of Freedman Seats, yet are a fraction of the cost of full replacement covers.

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  • S3 Sustainable Seating Solutions

    Where transportation seating is one with the environment.  Learn more about sustainable seat foam and fabrics made of recycled yarns.

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  • The Freedman USR (Under Seat Retractor)

    Designed for bus users, to be user friendly!

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