Freedman Seating Company

AM Foldaway

Whether creating space for a wheelchair or for luggage, the AM Foldaway gives you the flexibility you need.

The ultra-thin backrest gives outstanding support and creates more hip-to-knee room than any other seat in its class. The steel frame system meets or exceeds all applicable government standards for safety and durability.
The AM Foldaway...the right seat at the right price!

Standard Features

  • Seat belt ready (FMVSS compliant with no leg or tether)
  • An ultra-thin backrest for added hip-to-knee room and lumbar support
  • High quality polyurethane seat and back cushions for comfort and long lasting support
  • 17 1/2" and 35" wide seat cushions
  • 21 1/2" back height off the seat cushion, 36 1/2" off the floor
  • Wire mesh-grid seat springs for even support
  • Two locking mechanisms to hold the seat in the stowed position


  • Aisle side black molded U.S. Arms or upholstered flip-up armrests
  • Black or yellow padded grab rails
  • Black or yellow padded corner grab rails
  • Vertical stitching
  • FTA foam
  • Special floor mounts for mini-van applications
  • Shrouds to cover the Foldaway when it is stowed
  • Notch back (shown below)