Freedman Seating Company

The Glitz

Mid-Hi & Hi-Back Glitz seats - Ritz styling now with space saving, knee saver backrests

Let every rider sit in first class with the Freedman Seating Glitz seat.  Soft, luxurious and elegant, are just a few words that come to mind when describing the Glitz.  Designed to fit most any type of vehicle, the Glitz is available as a rigid or recliner and matches the Freedman Seating Salon seat.  While 17.5" wide is the standard, it can also be ordered in custom widths of 16" or 19" for wider buses.

Standard Features

  • Ultra comfortable Ritz seat bottom foam
  • New "Ritz style" cover with highlighted side bolster
  • Compatible with all Feather Weight Mid-Hi and Hi-Back seat options
  • Rigid or Recliner with space saving knee saver backrest
  • Fits on existing Feather Weight baseframes - easy to retrofit!
  • Bolstered high quality polyurethane seat & back cushions for comfort and support
  • Wire mesh grid seat springs for even support
  • FMVSS 210 compliant
  • Covers that can be removed and replaced easily without the use of special tools
  • Coordinating map pocket (made to match the seat trim material)


  • US or upholstered armrests
  • snack trays
  • aluminum footrests
  • USR under seat retractor seat belt systems
  • regular lap or retractable seat belts
  • side sliders
  • CRS-225 hooks and tethers
  • Cup holders
  • seat belt loops
  • 16" (rigid only) or 19" wide seat cushions
  • rigid or reclining backrests
  • wide variety of cloths, vinyls and leather
  • MP3 (iPod) holder sewn into the armrest