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Ultra Lightweight Passenger Transit Seats

Engineered for maximum seating capacity, safety and longevity. 4ONE Gemini passenger seats are constructed with light weight plastic which meets flame, smoke, and toxicity requirements. Gemini seats give train builders more passenger load capacity and seating options.

Gemini’s space saving design is also ergonomically efficient while providing more hip-to-knee room, added leg room and ease of entering and departing.

A Joint Venture with USSC Group.

Standard Features

  • Meets APTA 22-C&S-016-99 standards
  • Lightweight
  • Space Saving Shape
  • Removable Grab Rails
  • Interchangeable Inserts
  • Hidden Fasteners
  • ADA Compliant
  • Transverse and Longitudinal Seats
  • Transverse and Longitudinal Flip-up Seats


  • Back Shroud: Plastic Back or Stainless steel
  • Grab Rails: Anti-Microbial plastic in a variety of colors
  • Inserts: cosmetic, padded, or non-padded
  • Upholstery Materials: Choose among 4ONE standard materials or customer specified upholstery
  • Mounting Package: A variety of mounting packages including cantilevers, pedestals, and box mounts
  • Splitflip option available