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Frequently Asked Questions.

If you do not find the answer you were looking for, please feel free to contact us. Tutorial videos are also available on our website and YouTube channel.

Q: What should I use to clean plastic parts on Freedman Seats?
A: An approved list of plastic cleaners can be download here.

Q: How can you tell the difference between a Feather Weight and an Old Style Standard seat?
A: Measure the 4 mounting studs on the bottom of the seat. Feather Weight seats will have the studs 12" apart (side to side). Old Style seats have them on 8" centers. Also, the appearance of a F.W. is slimmer with the exception of the Bench seat and the Lo/Bk DLX.

Q: What is the hot seat program? How does it work?
A: This is a program for you to order covers only and get them fast. For a modest charge, we guarantee your order will ship in 3 business days .

Q: Who do I contact if...
I have a warranty problem?
A: Terry Gogins ext. 233
I want to check my orders status?
A: Tonty Brunt ext. 210
I want to order replacement parts or covers?
A: Matt Jobst ext. 224 or Terry Gogins ext. 233

Q: What do I do if my foldaway is rattling?
A: More than likely, nothing is wrong with your product. It just needs some normal maintenance. If it rattles when the seat is down or deployed, adjust the 2 stop-bolts as the end of the parallel truss runners on the bottom of the seat. If it rattles when it is stowed, use the truss lock. This is located about 9" off the floor. It may need to be tightened.

Q: Can I replace my Feather Weight padded grab rails with AV grab rails?
A: Yes. You drill out the rivets that hold the padded grabs in place and use the new self tapping screws we provide to attach the AV grabs.

Q: What does "AV" mean?
A: Anti Vandal.

Q: What's the difference between the CRS-225 and the ICS seat?
A: The CRS-225 seat is designed to address Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 225. This seat has the attachment points to secure removable child seats. The ICS seat addresses FMVSS 213. This seat has the child seat built into it and accommodates kids from 20-60 lbs.

Q: What is the process for filing a warranty claim?
A: All warranty claims must be approved in advance by a Freedman Seating representative. To get prior approval call Terry Gogins, 800-443-4540 ext 233. When calling please have the bus manufacturer's body serial number, the year the vehicle was built and information on which specific seat in the vehicle is effected.

Q: What information should I have BEFORE I call for a warranty or replacement parts on an older bus?
A: 1. The vehicle or body manufacturer. Not the chassis manufacturer.
    2. The vehicle or body manufacturer's body or serial number
    3. The model year or year the vehicle was built .

Q: What Information should I have when placing an order for bus seats?
A: 1. The vehicle or body manufacturer. Not the chassis manufacturer.
    2. The side of the vehicle the seat will be installed.
    3. Whether or not the seat falls over a wheelwell.

Q: What options can be easily added in the field to my Feather Weight seats?
A: Seat belts (all types), side sliders, footrests, Doheny arms.

Q: Can I add seat belts to my seats?
A: Yes to any Feather Weight seat.

Q: What is the FIRST system?
A: It is the Freedman Integrated Restraint and Tie Down System. This is for customers who want the wheel chair and occupant restraint system integrated within the seating package. All belts are permanently mounted and cannot be removed from the vehicle.

Q: What is a Handi-flip connector kit?
A: This kit lets you "gang" or connect Handi-flips together. This lets you use fewer legs when mounting flips in a bus or vehicle.

Q: Are Freedman Angel inserts interchangeable with inserts from other seating companies.
A: Yes. They are interchangeable the American Seating 6468 and the TSI 1111.

Q: I'm not sure what seats are in my bus. Can you help me figure out what they are?
A: Absolutley! The fastest way to figure this out is with Digital Pictures. Just email them to us at and we will help you.