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Lab Personnel:

Dave Klopp | Quality Manager
Dave has been part of Freedman Seating Test lab since the drive for A2LA Accreditation in 2005 and has been with Freedman Seating since 1991. Email Dave

Ted Kolar | Deputy Quality Manager
Ted has been with the Test Lab since October of 2000. Ted has the experience as well as the historic background. Ted has also helped with the implementation and continuous improvement of our A2LA Accredited Quality System. Email Ted

David O’Malley | Technical Manager
Dave has been part of the Test lab since January of 2006. He has helped with the organization and logistics of the test lab. He has also been instrumental in a “Greener” test lab, we are now nearly paperless. Email David

Miguel Flores | Deputy Technical Manager
Miguel has been with the Test Lab since September of 2003. Miguel is our LabView programmer, electrician, and also an accomplished machinist. Miguel has knowledge of everything mechanical in the Test Lab. Email Miguel

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