Freedman GO-ES Pivot Seat (Available Soon)

The new GO-ES Pivot seat offers versatility in any size vehicle and is the preferred choice when additional space is needed. The Pivot makes it possible to quickly convert a standard bus or van to a multifunctional ADA accessible vehicle. Available soon.

Skills for Chicagoland’s Future Impact Video 2023

People, passion and purpose. These are the pillars that drive Skills for Chicagoland’s Future. They are also the way change happens, and we cannot continue to be happy with barriers to employment impeding anyone from attaining a quality job. This video debuted on October 4, 2023 at Skills for Chicagoland’s Future’s Annual Employment Champions Breakfast […]

Install Feather Weight Seat Cover Upholstery

Instructional video on installing covers to a Freedman Feather Weight seat.

Installing a Rear-Facing Child Seat

Installing a Rear-Facing Child Seat using CRS Hooks on a Freedman Family Seat for School Activity Buses.

3PT Seat Belt Twisted or Jammed

This video will show you how to repair a twisted or jammed 3PT seat belt retractor. This repair can be done in the vehicle without uninstalling the seat.

Wall Flip Nudge and Auto Rising Flip

Nudge Lock options: No lock Lock up only Auto Return Lock options: No lock (Theater style) Lock up only Lock up and down

GO-ES XL Bariatric Seat

The Freedman GO-ES XL Seat is designed to accommodate all passengers, including bariatric and special needs. It features a 27″ wide cushion with a weight rating of 500 lbs. Seat belt extenders allow up to 18″ of additional webbing for safety and comfort. Options include 202A Headrest, USB Power Outlets, and SeatLink technology.

The Wall Flip Installation Instructions

Click here for product information.

Core Values

Freedman Seating Company is committed to cultivating an environment where everyone is respected, valued, appreciated, and takes ownership of their work. Our revised core values are our foundation for a strong and unified community.

Foldaway Seat Table Rendering

The accessory on every Van Lifer’s wish list. This table easily attaches to the Freedman GO-ES Foldaway when the seat is in a stowed position, serving as a standing desk or dinette.

Install 202A Headrest, 3PT Grab, US Armrest

 Download the instructions here. Instructions – 202A Headrest, 3PT Grab, US Arm


This new technology, powered by InterMotive, includes a head unit that displays, tracks and stores the occupancy and seat belt status of passenger seats in a vehicle. SeatLink™ is an expandable system up to 90 passengers for heavy duty, midsize, paratransit, school bus and more.

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