Freedman Seating Company

2017 Transit USA Tour

Hot off the trail of last year’s 105-day, 20,000-mile Rock N Rose Tour, Freedman Seating is gearing up for the 2017 Transit USA Tour! Dave Rose and our team of dedicated sales managers will be traveling across the US in a Ford Transit Wagon from Transit Works promoting the latest seating products with safety and comfort at the forefront. Tour stops include OEMs, dealers and trade shows beginning January 2017.

1/23/17 | PRESS RELEASE Freedman Seating Is Back On The Road With ‘Transit USA Tour’

1/26/17 | The #TransitUSA Tour has officially begun!

1/31/17 | After meeting with major OEMs in Elkhart, IN, Dave Rose heads south to visit dealers and agencies.

2/13/17 | Georgia. Florida. Alabama. Dave Rose and Tamara Hobgood visit dealers and transit agencies across southern US, including the 2017 SWTA Freedom Through Transit Annual Conference.

3/1/17 | The tour continues westward into Misissippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas.

3/26/17 | Mike Beierschmitt takes the tour west to New Mexico, Arizona, and California.

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