High Speed Rail Conference, Dec. 2-4

Freedman Seating Company is sponsoring and attending the US High Speed Rail Association Conference in Los Angeles, CA on December 2-4, 2014. Freedman Seating continues its active sponsorship and participation with the US High Speed Rail Association’s efforts in advocating for High Speed Rail Transportation throughout North America.

Business and political leaders will come together with the world’s top experts to bring high speed rail to America. “This annual conference brings together some of high speed rail’s most knowledgeable people. Anyone who wants to know more about this transportation mode will learn not only about the California high-speed rail project, but also how private investment capital will be brought into the projects, how Americans can advocate for high-speed rail, how to bring multi-modal transit centers into the mix, what the 21st century rail stations will include, and much more.” Rod Diridon, Mineta Transportation Institute.

“The first 29-mile stretch of the potential 800 miles of high speed infrastructure is already under construction in California. Right now there is no better place to advocate for High Speed Rail than in California. Letters of intention to bid on new train sets for the California High-Speed Rail Authority are already being received and we are excited to be participating in the forefront of this project. Freedman Seating’s commitment to the High-Speed, Metro and Commuter passenger rail market continues to be a focus for Freedman Seating and we are excited to participate and support the efforts of the US HSR.” Steve Orzech Jr., Business Development Manager for Rail at Freedman Seating.

High Speed Rail Conference
December 2-4, 2014
Los Angeles, CA

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