Made In Chicago

Chicago, IL — Manufacturing is a central part of the city and regional economy, from small family-owned manufacturers to global institutions to entrepreneurs who have chosen Chicago as the place to start manufacturing companies. The Made in Chicago program launched in January 2014 to focus on the local design, manufacture, and market value chain. From the fabrication of component parts to the consumer-ready goods we use at home, Made in Chicago celebrates and encourages the wide variety of manufacturers that choose Chicago.

We want to ensure that what is designed here is also made here with locally sourced component parts, and is accessible through both local and global retail outlets. (

Made in Chicago is a joint initiative of the City of Chicago and the Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center (IMEC), and powered by a shared platform developed by the Urban Manufacturing Alliance (UMA) and Britehub. Primary funding to support the launch of Made in Chicago has been proudly provided by Citi Community Development and local industrial retention partners.

With nearly 750 employees from around Chicagoland, Freedman Seating Company is proud to be listed among other manufacturers promoting a healthy economy. For over 120 years, FSC has been a leading manufacturer of seats and seating related products, and will continue to build on local relationships with the support of the Made in Chicago program.

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