Albany Park Community Center Honors Jerry Freedman as Distinguished Alumni

Contact: Casey Smagala – Director of Development
Tel. 773.539.5907
Date: 5/31/16

Albany Park Community Center Honors Jerry Freedman as Distinguished Alumni

APCC’s annual awards ceremony and fundraiser will present Jerry Freedman, of Freedman Seating Company, with the Distinguished Alumni Award.

Albany Park, Chicago, IL — 2016 marks APCC’s fourth decade of service in and around the Albany Park Community. Over the last 40 years they’ve grown to become the one stop shop for early childhood education, school age program, ESL, GED and job training.

“We could show you a bunch of  data about our programs, and you could imagine our impact. But we’d rather introduce you to the incredible people they produce” brags Director of Development,  Casey Smagala.

Neighborhood Roots — Jerry Freedman grew up in Albany Park and attended APCC in the early 1950’s when it was the Deborah’s Boys Club. Jerry, a proud Von Steuben grad, remembers walking through Eugene Park on his way to school and scoring 22 points in the gym at 3401 W. Ainslie. Jerry says, “the center was a big part of my life” and went on to add “40 years later it [APCC] continues to be a wonderful place in the neighborhood where kids can learn, play, and be safe!”

The center was a big part of my life.
-Jerry Freedman

Jerry went on to become CEO of his family company, Freedman Seating Company. He worked for the family company located on Montrose and Pulaski as a youngster and after he graduated from IIT in 1959 began to grow into  his leadership role. At the company’s height in the 1950’s they employed 25 people in and around Albany Park.

Community Champions —The Distinguished Alumni Award from APCC goes to a civic, business, or elected leader who grew up in Albany Park. The award will be presented on June 22nd at APCC’s annual awards ceremony and fundraiser, 40 Years of Giving, at the Copernicus Center. Last year Josephine Lee, President and Artistic Director of the Chicago Children’s Choir, accepted the award.

This year’s event will honor Jerry and other leaders, students, staff, and companies who have supported APCC throughout four decades of service. The event proceeds will go toward raising the necessary $50,000 to upgrade APCC’s fire safety system.

APCC History — Since 1975 the Albany Park Community Center (APCC) has been a quality provider of Early Education Programs. Today  APCC has grown to become one of the largest social impact agencies serving Albany Park and the surrounding communities.  APCC is one of the most multicultural community centers in the nation working with children and families from over 65 counties. Our services include Head Start, School Age program, mental health and wellness counseling, small business assistance, workforce development programs, English-as-a-second language and GED instruction, a food pantry, parenting education, and others. APCC offers a holistic approach to individual, family, and community development.

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