Product Update: GO-ES Seat Weldment

Beginning on September 1st, 2018, we will be instituting a rolling change to the internal seat frame of our GO-ES seat. This change is to rigid seats only and does not affect flip or foldaway seats. We are making this change for several reasons:

  • Reduce weight. The new frame will be lighter by 1.4 lbs.
  • Offset costs. There have been increases in the cost of steel, tubing and fabricated parts.
  • Ability to customize. The new frame allows a CRS 225 Kit to be a bolt-on option with the ability to add β€œin the field.”

The new GO-ES will have a very slight visible difference from the current version due to the newly designed back cover.

The seat has been extensively tested in our A2LA accredited test lab and has complied with all applicable standards and requirements. As a result of the seat decreasing in weight, the load calculated for FMVSS 207 has decreased. Test reports showing the above are available upon request. Any questions you may have about testing or to request a copy of the tests performed, can be sent to Dave Klopp at

Thank you, and as always, please contact your Freedman Seating representative if you have any questions.


GO-ES Comparison Chart

Item Comment
Seat frame weldment While there is a new frame, it is interchangeable with current base frames and hardware
Seat cushion foam and covers Seat covers and seat foam are unchanged
Back cushion foam and covers Back covers and back foam will be new – not reward compatible
CRS brackets New GO-ES seats will have option bolt-on CRS brackets – not rearward compatible. New cover will be needed.
ABS backs New GO-ES seats will a different optional ABS back – not rearward compatible
Accessories Other accessories are unchanged
Overall dimensions Overall dimensions are unchanged


GO-ES Test Chart

Tests performed Disposition
207/210 double and single Compliant
APTA Fatigue Compliant
FMVSS 225 double Compliant

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