Upholstery Update – Discontinued and New Materials

Please be advised of the following updates to our in-stock upholstery offerings.

We are informing all customers of a change in availability of Camira and CMI fabrics within Freedman’s in-stock upholstery program. Freedman Seating has learned that effective immediately, Camira will replace their Polyester Defender collection with a new Polyester line. CMI will replace two existing NPF fabrics with new patterns.

What does this mean to our customers?

  • A fresh collection of patterns to enhance the look of your next vehicle!
  • We will work directly with customers to fulfill existing orders/contracts.
  • A limited amount of inventory may be available for warranties and replacement covers. Contact customer service for more information.

Please contact your Freedman Seating representative or visit www.freedmanseating.com/upholstery if you have any questions or to request fabric samples.

Camira Fabrics
The new Camira Polyester collection is available now and will replace the previous Camira Polyester with Defender. Camira’s newest collection of lightweight polyester fabrics including three abstract patterns and one plain. The patterned fabrics incorporate a textured yarn to give a three dimensional appearance and with trend focused colors, the fabrics hold a contemporary look and soft finish while retaining durability and performance.Added:
6111182 Fireworks Blue
6111183 Circuit Board Blue
6111184 Wallpaper Bubbles Blue
6111185 Dots Blue
6111186 Fireworks Gray
6111187 Circuit Board Gray
6111188 Wallpaper Bubbles Gray
6111189 Dots Gray

51318001-SO Blue
51318001-SA Blue
51318001-SD Blue
51318001-SB Red
51318001-SE Red
51318001-SC Gray
51318001-SF Gray

CMI Enterprises
The new CMI NPF flat-woven offerings have replaced two existing NPF materials. NPF is soft to the touch but engineered to be strong. Anti-Microbial: Nanocide suppresses the growth of algae, mold, mildew, fungi and bacteria growth and proliferation which cause unpleasant odors, discoloration, staining, and deterioration of the product. Take every specification and attribute of CMI’s best selling high performance fabric and incorporate NANOCIDE and the result is NPF, the most technology advanced Transportation Seating Fabric available on the market.

61108081 River Gray
61108082 Tumbler Blue

Existing (no change):
61108053 Pinwheel Mono Blue
61108055 Pinwheel Mono Gray

Pinwheel Multicolor Blue
Pinwheel Multicolor Gray

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