Employees Collect 400lbs of Trash and Recycling on Earth Day

Freedman Seating celebrated Earth Week 2019 with a series of events hosted by the company’s “Green Team,” a group of FSC employees from across departments.

Focused initiatives include reducing pollution and waste by minimizing natural resource use, recycling and reusing what was considered waste, and reducing emissions.

Earth Week (April 22-26)

Activities throughout the week included:

  • educational games identifying recyclable vs landfill items
  • campus cleanup challenge
  • planting flowers in homemade tire planters
  • bike-to-work challenge

In a featured activity, teams of 4 employees from all disciplines competed to collect as much trash and recycling items from parking lots, outdoor common areas, and along Augusta Boulevard. In total, 50 employees collected and sorted nearly 400lbs in 60 minutes.

Freedman Seating’s “Bicycle Club” led the Bike-to-Work challenge to promote zero emissions transportation and a healthier commute. The week’s competition also served as a promotion for an upcoming “National Bike Month” challenge in May.

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In 2017, Freedman Seating adopted an official Environmental Policy. FSC is committed to managing the environmental impact of its operations, and a key point of the policy is to encourage participation among our employees by promoting environmental responsibility.



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#TeamFreedman spent Earth Week beautifying our facilities by collecting and sorting nearly 400 POUNDS of trash and recycling! #TrashTag #EarthDay #EarthWeek #GreenTeam

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