Automatic and Emergency Locking Retractors

Dan Cohen, President, demonstrates the differences between ALR (Automatic Locking Retractor) and ELR (Emergency Locking Retractor) on Freedman Seating 3-point seat belts.

Install a Lemans Armrest

Instructions for installing the Left Lemans Armrest on a Freedman driver seat.

Open and Stow the GO-ES Foldaway

Instructions for stowing and opening the GO-ES Foldaway, including how to work around varying space between seat and wall.

Remove the Plastic Buckle Cover used on the GO-ES Belt Retractor

Essentially, this procedure calls for the reverse of installing a new replacement plastic cover. Detach the D Ring. To replace cover, pry out the cover with pliers from underside. PN 90988 used for the GO-ES 3PT Retractors: 27646, 27647, 93061, and 93062.

P1 Air Valve Assembly

Instructional video on assembling P1 Air Valves.

Replacing Upholstery on a Shield Driver Seat

Instructions for replacing upholstery on a Freedman Shield Driver Seat.

Adding Grab Rails to a GO Seat

This video shows how to add top grab rails to a GO seat in the field.

Adding Armrests to a GO Seat

This video shows how to add both the Viper armrest and the GO armrest to a GO seat in the field.

Adding 3PT Belts to the GO Seat

This video shows how to add 3pt shoulder belts to a GO seat already in the field.

Adding Utility Pockets, Map Pockets, and Cup Holders to the GO Seat

This video shows how to add backrest options to GO seats already in the field.  You will learn how to install the utility pocket, map pocket, and cup holder options.  

Replacing Lock N GO Components

This videos shows you how to replace the Lock N GO seat cushion basket and bullets.

Replacing covers on a GO Seat

This video will show you how to remove GO seat cushions and replace the covers.

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