4ONE’S ADA-Compliant Q’POD Transit Seating Innovation

For Immediate Release

April 29, 2015

Exton, PA — 4ONE, North America’s leading designer and manufacturer of world-class seating solutions for transportation announced a new breakthrough in its Q’POD ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) securement systems for mass transit.

Now, the ADA community and its advocates can experience even greater accessibility, safety, comfort and independence when using public bus systems across the US and Canada. Other key transit constituencies such as bus company owners and drivers also stand to benefit from Q’POD’s enhancements. The benefits of the new 4ONE system include a reduction in potential workers compensation injuries, a cleaner and more organized wheelchair securement area, easier maintenance and increased productivity.

The newly redesigned Q’POD by 4ONE has an automotive-quality height-adjustable shoulder belt. The new seatbelt’s sliding mechanisms operate just like those in most cars and gives the wheelchair occupant three inches of up/down movement which provides greater comfort for varying passenger heights and wheelchair styles.


4ONE also added the option to store the rear restraint hooks on the top of the barrier, eliminating the need to bend over to access them. Q’POD by 4ONE’s occupant lap belts can now be conveniently attached to receptacles on the barrier and flip seat, for a seamless and faster securing/detaching process. 4ONE offers the Q’POD with its ultra slim Bantam flip seats, Gemini slim flip, and newly redesigned Aries slim flip along with its traditional line of flip seats.

The Q’POD by 4ONE is included in many major contracts with transit systems including, but not limited to: Los Angeles, San Diego, Ocean County, and Long Beach, CA; Dallas, TX; Atlanta, GA; Detroit, MI; Fairfax County, VA; and Grand Rapids, MI.

“Because customer feedback is of prime importance to us and plays a major role in our product innovation process, we were enthusiastic about the ADA community’s request for an adjustable shoulder belt in our latest Q’POD model,” said Dan Cohen, Vice President of Freedman Seating and 4ONE.

“After delivering more than 7,000 Q’PODs, we now offer more varieties of the Q’POD than any other company, including the only version with an adjustable shoulder belt. We’re confident that this feature, along with the others, will provide the increased comfort and additional safety that our ADA user base was seeking,” he said.

“The Q’POD by 4ONE has unmatched performance and reliability in ADA systems securement,” said Raymond Melleady, of USSC. “Bus operators and the ADA community enjoy the safety and comfort and ease of securement that comes with every Q’POD installation,” he said.

4ONE is a joint venture between USSC and Freedman Seating Company, a leading designer and maker of heavy duty passenger seats for city bus, motor coach and rail markets.

USSC designs and engineers world-class seating for many types of vehicles. As an industry leader, USSC continues to develop the most durable and ergonomically designed seats to reduce day-to-day driver fatigue and stress. USSC is a privately held company with 12 locations throughout the world.

Freedman Seating
Freedman Seating is North America’s leading supplier to the US domestic bus and transportation industry. Manufacturing seats for buses, Freedman Seating supplies all major OEMs, over 250 bus distributors, the federal government, and many states and municipalities. The family of Freedman Seating bus seats includes products for small and mid-size coaches, paratransit vans and buses, public transit buses, and private bus operators.

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