Your Feedback Helps Improve Our Web Site

Over the past month, we have engaged customer feedback on the overal usability of our Web site, We recognize that changes in technology affect the way consumers experience the web, and we look forward to continue improving our site and related online tools. To start, we have taken the necessary steps to modify and enhance several areas within our site.

The following recommendations come directly from customers and visitors through our online survey.

Downloadable Installation Instructions
Our seats and related products are typically not “one size fits all,” which is why installation can be unique to the type of vehicle, specifications, and other factors. Although we do not currently have installation instructions available for every product we sell, we have added a Request Form to allow customers to request documents based on a specific project. Several video tutorials are also available on our web site.

Add Seat Dimensions
You got it! We’ve added drawings to nearly every product showing measurements. In addition, most product pages include a downloadable brochure. Look to the right side of the page for a link to download.

Decrease Search Bar Lag Time
We here you! It shouldn’t take 15 seconds to refresh your search inquire. We’ve cut that wait time down to 3 seconds. A little bit of lag time helps us prevent bots from spamming the search feature, consuming extra server resources and ultimatly damaging your experience.

Provide Fabric Descriptions
We’re working on it! Check back frequently as we continue adding details about our fabrics.

Remove Discontinued Fabrics
Fabrics that are no longer available have been marked as “Discontinued.” We will continue to show these items for up to six months so that customers are aware of the change. Fabrics that have been discontinued for more than six months have now been removed from our site.

Include FMS Eleganza Collection
Done! Now you can get information about the newest line of executive seating by FMS right here at Not enough information? Simply continue on to the FMS site to learn more.


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