Product Update – P1M Mechanical Suspension Phase Out and Alternatives

Freedman Seating and United Safety & Survivability Corporation (USSC) are phasing out the sale of the P1 Mechanical suspension for cutaway bus driver seats. Effective immediately, Freedman is no longer stocking the P1M suspension.

Freedman Seating offers two excellent alternatives:

  1. Adnik height adjustable power pedestal
  2. A brand-new GD Mechanical Suspension

Note: these alternatives cannot be combined on the same seat assembly.

What does this mean for Freedman Seating customers?

  • The P1M suspension is no longer available.
  • For service issues, contact Freedman customer service at (773) 524-2440
  • The Adnik height adjustable power pedestal is an excellent alternative.
  • Freedman will introduce the new GD Mechanical Suspension in the 1st Quarter 2021

High-quality height adjustable power driver seat for a Ford E-Series or GM/Chevy cutaway bus. The Adnik power slides can be combined with the following driver seats:

  1. USSC G2ELP driver seat
  2. Freedman Shield driver seat
  3. The new Freedman Sport 2.0 driver seat

The Adnik 6-way power pedestal features:

  • 75” of fore/aft slide travel (limited to stop pin adjustment)
  • 5” of separate front and rear height adjustment.

Coming Soon: GDMS is a high-quality driver seat suspension for the Ford E-Series or GM/Chevy G-Series cutaway bus. The GD Mechanical Suspension can be combined with a best-in-class USSC G2ELP driver seat, a Freedman Shield or the new Shield Sport 2.0 driver seat.

The GDMS has an adjustable ride dampening suspension engineered to greatly enhance driver ride quality and safety. This mechanical suspension has variable resistance dampening that can be adjusted by using a knob centrally located on the front of the suspension. The GDMS will be a low-profile suspension that matches the Ford and GM required H-Point driver seating position

Please contact a Freedman sales rep or customer service at (773) 524-2440 if you currently have orders on hand that call for the P1M suspension option along with any contracts have been awarded or are bidding.

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