Product Update – Performance Vinyl Name Changes

At Freedman Seating, we’re proud to offer high performing, transportation grade upholstery options. As we continue to source materials from the industry’s most trusted mills, we keep price, availability, and performance specifications top of mind. To distinguish two of our most popular vinyl options, the following name changes will take effect immediately:

  • O Vinyl is now Milano.
    • Milano vinyl is a high-grade, leatherette material with the look and feel of leather. It meets FMVSS 302 and is available in 4 colors (in-stock).
  • Dimensions is now Ion.
    • Ion vinyl is coated with Nanocide™ and uses a process of permanently embedding nanoscale silver particles during the manufacturing process. Silver is a natural antimicrobial; microbes and fungi cannot survive in the presence of silver ions. It meets FMVSS 302 and is available in 3 colors (in-stock).

What does this mean for Freedman Seating customers?

  • This is a name change only.
  • Part numbers will stay the same.
  • Performance specifications will stay the same.
  • Customers will notice new names listed on sales orders and quotes.
  • Prices and Lead Times will not be affected by these name changes.

In addition to our standard offerings, we have also made available a limited quantity of plush fabric and other products at special pricing. A variety of overstock fabric and vinyl will be featured on a rotating basis. Visit our website for a list of featured items:

Please contact your regional Freedman sales rep or customer service at (773) 524-2440 for questions about these changes.

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