Product Update – GO-ES Seat Belt Change

Freedman Seating GO-ES line of seats will be using seat belts from a new supplier.

All orders with a due date of June 26, 2023, or later, we will be using seat belts from a new supplier. This is a soft cut in date and there may be exceptions. If your order had a scheduled due date before 6/26/23 and it ships on or after 6/26/23, it will get the current belts. Cut in is dependent on the due date, regardless of when the order ships.

More details:

  • As with the current belts, the new belts meet or exceed all applicable safety standards including FMVSS 302 and 209.
  • The new belts are heavy duty and just as robust and reliable.
  • Freedman Seating has tested the new belts extensively to validate fit, form, function, and safety. You will see no change in performance or operation.
  • This change does not need any action on your part. You do not need to retest any seats in your vehicle. Remember, when we test seats on a platform or in a vehicle, we remove and replace the seat belts with cables or special test belts. The seat belts are NOT part of the FMVSS 207/210 test.
  • If extension belts are needed, they must be ordered to mate with the new belts. Extenders are not cross compatible.
  • New belts are rearward compatible to older frames with a new hardware kit (and new plastic side cover for foldaway seats).
  • Seats affected: GO-ES, GO-ES Flip, GO-ES Foldaway.

Please contact your regional Freedman sales rep or customer service at (773) 524-2440 for questions about these changes.

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