Product Line: Commercial Bus, Luxury

FMS Eleganza Collection

To place an order, please call FMS at (574) 542-2001.

Bring the look and feel of first class to your executive shuttle with the Eleganza line of seats by FMS.

Bellagio | Designed to fit the needs of the executive shuttle market, the Bellagio is available with both rigid and reclining backs, in a variety of seat widths and insert panel styles. Deep bolsters hug you into the seat, providing the ultimate in passenger comfort. Let all customers experience the look and feel of first class with the Bellagio. Now with integrated 3PT shoulder belts! See more.

Trieste | The utmost in luxury, comfort, and style. The Trieste seat is available with several different insert styles and upholstery materials, allowing you to customize the look that best fits your needs. Now with integrated 3PT shoulder belts! See more.

Palermo | Introducing the newest addition to the popular Eleganza Collection, the Palermo seat serves your economical needs without compromising style or comfort. The executive line by FMS includes the market’s most complete seating solutions with luxury and safety at the forefront of its design and engineering. See more.

Firenze | Sporty yet modest, the new Firenze seat serves your economical needs without compromise. Available in both rigid and reclining hi-backrests with subtle bolsters and a built-in headrest for added comfort. A unique pattern with the option of contrast stitching makes this seat the perfect addition to our Eleganza Collection. See more.

Venezia | The newest edition to the popular Eleganza Collection by FMS. The Venezia seat combines comfort, style and safety with deep side bolsters, contrast stitching, and a 3-point seat belt. See more.

California residents see Prop 65 WARNINGS.

Download the Eleganza Collection Brochure

Download the Palermo Brochure

Standard Features

  • Deep side bolsters for comfort and styling
  • Several different insert sewing styles
  • Knee Saver style backrest*
  • Wire mesh grid seat springs for even support
  • Utilizes existing Freedman Featherweight base frames and legs
  • Covers that can be removed and replaced easily without the use of special tools
  • Rigid backrest
  • 17.5” wide standard cushion
  • Adjustable headrest*
  • Contrasting highlight panels*


  • US armrests
  • New Messina and Italia coach-style armrests
  • Upholstered Eleganza armrests
  • Integrated 3PT adjustable shoulder belts*
  • USR Under Seat Retractor 2PT belts
  • Contrasting stitching
  • Side sliders
  • Seat belt loops
  • Mesh map pockets
  • Vinyl map pockets
  • Power outlets
  • 16” and 19” wide cushion
  • Recliner backrest
  • Aluminum footrests

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