This glossary consists of common terms used at Freedman Seating and throughout the industries we serve. We hope it provides an opportunity for better communication between FSC staff, customers, and industry leaders. If you have any questions or suggestions, please email us.

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There are currently 8 Terms in this directory beginning with the letter B.
Portion of the seat an occupant's back rests against e.g. back foam, back cover. (BK)

Back of Back
The rear surface of the back cushion.

Back Thickness
A measurement in inches (maximum) typically called out in bid specifications.

Base Frame
Frame used between seats and legs - either with 1 leg and bracket to wall or with 2 or more legs.

Body Number
Number Assigned by OEM to identify vehicle - found on placard onside of driver door panel Note: the Body Number is usually NOT the VIN #

Boston Bag
Boston bag or Boston burn test -Flame barrier type of test

BV (Big Van)
Refers to Foldaways with a flat floor plate for mounting. This is different that an AM foldaway that has both floor and wall mounts.

BV Foldaway
BV Foldaway has been designed to mount using only bolts to the floor, eliminating the use of wall mounts.

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