This glossary consists of common terms used at Freedman Seating and throughout the industries we serve. We hope it provides an opportunity for better communication between FSC staff, customers, and industry leaders. If you have any questions or suggestions, please email us.

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There are currently 7 Terms in this directory beginning with the letter S.
Salt Spray
A test to check corrosion resistance of materials and surface coatings. Results stated in hours.

Assembly of cushion and back that supports an occupant. (Chair)

Seat Cover Fabric Panel
Panel - layout for 3 piece face on seat insert.

Seat Delete Pedestal
The OEM pedestal provided by a chassis builder when the driver seats is not ordered.

Street Side (SS)
Left of a seat as you sit in the seat- position behind driver seat in USA

Above seat pedestal that allows driver seat to move up / down / back / forward

Switchable ELR/ALR
Retractor assembly that can be adjusted from an ELR to ALR. (KISI, CHOM)

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