This glossary consists of common terms used at Freedman Seating and throughout the industries we serve. We hope it provides an opportunity for better communication between FSC staff, customers, and industry leaders. If you have any questions or suggestions, please email us.

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There are currently 13 Terms in this directory beginning with the letter F.
FAR 25.853
Flame Specification for aviation

Piece of material used on bottom of seat to encapsulate the Foam ( two versions Flameblocker and Flameblocker in D-90 Fabric)

Metal grid attached under foam.

Flip Seat
A seat in which the bottom cushion flips up towards the back, similar to movie theater seat.

Floor Plan
Layout of seats and foldaway positions in a vehicle.

Federal motor vehicle safety standards - U.S.A (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards)

Flammability of interior materials. This standard specifies burn resistance requirements. Everything Freedman Seating Company sells meets FMVSS 302.

Foldaway Seat
A seat in which the back comes down, and both back and cushion fold against the wall.

Foldaway Shroud
Cover for stored foldaway in up position

Forward facing Seat
Seats facing towards the front of the bus

FSC Order Number
6-digit number typically found on a sticker on a Freedman seat frame, or the original sales order.

Federal Transit Administration

Fire-resistant cushioning that complies with F.T.T. and F.R.A. fire safety regulations for vehicle seating. (Safeguard FTA ALX Foam)

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