This glossary consists of common terms used at Freedman Seating and throughout the industries we serve. We hope it provides an opportunity for better communication between FSC staff, customers, and industry leaders. If you have any questions or suggestions, please email us.

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There are currently 5 Terms in this directory beginning with the letter T.
Tie down storage system - available with "L" track or Q'strain slide and click fittings - Store wheel chair belts under foldaway.

Transit Bus
Bus that is equipped with a stop-request system sold for public transportation provided by, or on behalf of, a State or local government

Material on side of seat

Type 1 seat belt assembly - Lap belt
2 point seat belt. Lap belt for pelvic restraint ref. Section 571.209 - Standard No. 209 (2PT, USR)

Type 2 seat belt assembly - Lap and shoulder belt
3 point seat belt. Combination of pelvic and upper torso restraints ref. Section 571.209 - Standard No. 209 (3PT)

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